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I personally review all feedback with my team every day. We respond to all reviews, whether positive or negative. Having had my own frustrations with customer service in the past, I know that it's incredibly important to respond quickly and clearly. Please let me know if you face any issues.
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  1. I love your pieces that’s why I keep coming back. I know packaging and shipping is a plus but these are high and also coke quite late in the process when billing. Secondly I love earrings so if you can increase the collection especially for daily wear – Graceful and gentle. Also finally, the war rings I bought are pokey / poking from the stick at the back, especially in current times when you need to answer your phone all the time. Make it softer or add that plastic soft thing. Thank you, keep amazing us!

    • Hi Neha,

      Thank you for taking your time out to review us.
      we make the earring posts in the standard size but it depends on person to person as to how it fits. Also this can be shortened easily.
      Sorry that you had to go through this, But we will ensure to fix this for you. Louis is touch with you ensure to this is fixed asap.

  2. It’s a beautiful piece. Totally loved it. Eyeing more stuff:) Hopefully will pick it up soon. Many thanks Anu.

    Ps: Pls let me know if ever you put any of your stuff on sale!

    • Hey Rukmini, Thank you for taking your timeout to review us.
      We’re glad you love the necklace, hope you enjoy wearing it and make beautiful memories with.
      You can subscribe to our news letters on the website for the latest updates

  3. Loved it!

  4. Easy to order and received the product in a weeks time

    • Thanks you for the lovely feedback Shalini.
      Glad you loved the necklace and hope you enjoy wearing it 🙂

  5. loved the intricacies

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