About the Travelling Dukaan

Join me as I rummage through interesting shops and curate jewellery I think you might like.

I visit some of my regular haunts and new places that I stumble across in various cities. I also make it a point to go to all the small shops and local businesses that Covid has impacted the most.

There is no fixed schedule for the Travelling Dukaan but I will make an announcement first on Instagram and then live cast products there before adding them to this page.

NB: All listings expire within as pert the timer below. All items are strictly on a first-come-first-served basis. Some items can be ordered if the initial product isn’t in stock but please check the estimated delivery dates on the product listing and at checkout.

Season 7 - March '22

Season 7 - March '22

Travelling Dukaan Season 7The items below will expire on 18th March 2022

The Travelling Dukaan is now over!!! Please check my Instagram for announcements on future Travelling Dukaans...